Learning to Cope

Shana Williams


I Have always considered myself to be very independent and self reliant.  I'm a Registered Nurse who has worked in Emergency Departments (from Critical Access Hospitals to Level II trauma centers) in Hawaii, Alaska, and Montana.  I've run codes, Pediatric and Adult Traumas, and was known for my amazing ability to get a vein when no one else could.  I'm used to being the caregiver, especially after our 18 month old daugher was diagnosed with a very rare AutoInflammatory disease called TRAPS.  She is now 7 and I give her Enbrel injections weekly.  I'm used to dealing with stressful situations life throws our way.  At least I thought I was.  

My life was forever changed in 2013, after a devastating (for me) diagnosis of Rheumatoid Disease. It literally knocked me on my ass.  I went from an active 43 year old mother of four daughters (Bow Hunting, fishing, training for a Half Marathon), to a woman who couldn't get out of bed some days.  I gained 30 lbs due to inactivity and medications.  I was depressed and angry.  My coping mechanisms became harder to access.  

This blog is intended as a cathartic exercise for me.  Although it may be entertaining and funny at times, the main reason I'm writing is to help me deal with my "New Normal" and document my Journey back from my lowest low.  A Journey with which I'm still struggling to make.  If you've chosen to read this, I hope you enjoy.